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We as Employer

It doesn’t matter whether it’s after school, after studying or after training, at some point the decision has to be made: Where do I want to work? There are many criteria for employer attractiveness: salary & benefits, work-life balance, international opportunities, attractive tasks & innovation, career opportunities & further training, prestige & security, products, social commitment, etc. The REDSUN Group has an eye for all these aspects. They guide our human resources policy and form the framework within which our human resources department carries out its work. Three topics are leading for us: corporate culture, leadership values and team spirit.

Corporate culture

The basis of the REDSUN corporate culture is our more than 35-year tradition as an owner-managed company. Today, we are a global family business with 7 international subsidiaries. An important reason for our sustainable success: the motivation, skills and authentic personalities among our managers and employees.

Best of both worlds In our German-Dutch company, you will quickly experience the advantages of both cultures. With German precision and a typically Dutch open culture, we combine the advantages of both cultures.

Leadership Values

Performance, passion and togetherness – this triad is the guiding principle for the management of the REDSUN company. In line with these values, we expect a high level of commitment from our employees and give back the best support and encouragement. Our managers put their heart and soul into their work every day and inspire their employees. They exemplify collegiality and create an inspiring working environment. Because we know: Only together with all our employees can REDSUN as a company continue to operate so successfully in the future.

Team spirit

At REDSUN, all employees live the family atmosphere. That's why we select new employees with great care. In addition to professional qualifications, we attach great importance to soft skills. You fit into our team if you bring a lot of commitment, passion and team spirit. Because the interaction of many different people with very different talents and personalities is what makes us so special.

Welcome aboard!

A new job

A new job A new job always brings changes. For this reason, we want to make the entry into our company as smooth as possible. In many departments, we have already introduced a buddy program in which newcomers are assigned a colleague to support them during the first few weeks. Our managers and our HR department are also involved in the entire implementation phase. So you never feel left alone.

A solid foundation

Fair remuneration Fair and performance-related remuneration is an important part of REDSUN's corporate culture.

Personal development and further training With its various areas, REDSUN offers a wide range of opportunities to realize one's professional potential and to shape one's own career path. We are happy to accompany you on this path!

Communication is Key!

Constructive and transparent For us, communication is the key to individual development and a connecting force within a team. Only through personal exchange can obstacles be recognized and overcome at an early stage. Sharing relevant information transparently is fundamental to us. We are always willing to give and accept open and constructive feedback. And all this in an environment where people feel comfortable giving their own opinion.

Safety First

Safety is number 1 As a responsible employer, it is a matter of course for the REDSUN Group to take measures that maintain the health and performance of its employees and protect them from accidents and illnesses. Health measures REDSUN offers various health promotion measures - e.g. regular company medical care and the provision of different types of fruit.

We win as a Team!

We're there for each other We can only win together. Each of us has individual skills that contribute to his or her specific role. However, we only complement each other optimally as a team – in a result-oriented, open and creative cooperation. We are proud of the fact that, despite our current size, we have been able to preserve our family character from earlier times to a large extent. We also have a good time together at joint events. We're there for each other!

Mutual respect

A mutual commitment to togetherness We always treat each other openly, positively and appreciatively. We are convinced that different opinions, ideas and approaches make up the potential of a team. For us, constructive exchange therefore always means respectful interaction with each other. We want everyone to feel comfortable with us and enjoy coming to work every day. Respect is a mutual obligation to work together.

Always better!

Continuous improvement We take responsibility – for ourselves, for the team and for the company. Problems need to be solved – we address challenges openly. After all, everyone can and should contribute to continuously developing the company in the right direction.

We stay hungry

Standing still means falling behind The will for continuous improvement creates dynamism and is the basis for creativity and innovation. We have the courage to question things, we dare to turn ideas into reality. This hunger for (further) development and new impulses allows our company to grow.